the worst science news on the web

One would think a tabloid would at least be able to tell science from random nonsense. Not The Daily Mail.
dirty underground tunnel

Are you tired of your normal, everyday science news? Is peer review before a theory is officially published and announced, a step that you just don’t find relevant? Well head on over to UK’s Daily Mail. From stories on how deuterium holds the secret to longer life and how human evolution stopped because 70 year olds aren’t procreating with the same speed as 20 year olds to wild theories about the Sphinx and plagiarism of H.G. Wells’ famous science fiction story being passed as fact, the science editors of the Daily Mail will be happy to publish it all alongside genuine science news taken from Reuters and AP.

Allow me to ask how an extra atom of hydrogen will extend lifespans, how could 70 year olds be the primary vehicles for evolution when they’re seldom virile at this age, how come all of the tests which show that the weathering on the Sphinx is in accordance with its accepted creation date are being ignored and what editor would even consider something as ridiculous as Social Darwinist predictions of human speciation to be published as legitimate science? Of course, I could be expecting too much from a tabloid format newspaper…

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