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Mitchell and Webb show us what a homeopathic ER would actually look like in practice.

Debates over homeopathic medicine are making a big splash across the pond, which of course encourages comedians with to mercilessly mock alternative medicine. For example, take this gem from the British sketch comedy show That Mitchell and Webb Look where a man hit by a car is taken to a homeopathic ER…

Oddly enough, once upon a time, before modern medicine, homeopathy actually produced results on par with the best treatment you could get because doctors back then didn’t yet know the basic mechanics of infections, diseases and contamination which doomed countless patients to a slow death and homeopaths didn’t make things worse by cutting into people or contaminating their tissues with bacteria-ridden tools. But today, when doctors can bring patients back from near death and give them a great chance for survival, homeopathy’s big claim to fame is gone. It’s no longer on par with medicine. It just doesn’t do anything, as per usual…

[ thanks to Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy for the clip ]

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