ratzinger finds a new scapegoat for his troubles

According to the pope, his senior advisers, and ardent supporters, the Catholic Church molests kids because... atheists were literally Nazis?
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Oh that Pope. He’s such a classy fellow, isn’t he? Fresh off the plane in Britain, he boldly launched into a short outburst against atheists and secularists, pulling out the old libelous canard that Nazis were atheists, much like American fundamentalists when given a chance to smear those who don’t want to share their beliefs. To add to the nasty aura of Ratzinger’s visit, one of his senior advisers was also a class act earlier in the week, saying that the UK was “like a Third World country” thanks to all the atheists and humanists living there. As soon as he was confronted about his comments by the BBC he quickly turned his religious bigotry into racism by saying that his comment was actually about British multiculturalism. Apparently unsatisfied with their efforts to avoid facing the consequences for hiding pedophiles by blatantly abusing international laws, the Vatican decided to open fire on the heretics to distract the faithful from its severe moral and ethical shortcomings.

Really, I feel sorry for all the Catholics compelled to follow this morally bankrupt institution’s proclamations by a dogmatic edict as it assaults modern civilization with ridicule and helps the spread of AIDS in Africa with an irresponsible campaign of lies and conspiracy theories. Now, on top of this, Ratzinger has the temerity to go on an international stage and pronounce Nazis as secular atheists, saluting the brave Catholics who resisted Hitler’s war machine? Of course there were Catholic families who hid Jews and helped the Allies, but they did so despite the Vatican, not because of Pope Pius’ urging. In fact, the Vatican helped pave the way for what we know today as the Holocaust, calling for the enslavement of Jews in the 1100s, and forcing Jews to live in ghettos between the 1200s and the 1500s. Meanwhile, the former Catholic priest Martin Luther adopted the infamous Deicide Doctrine into the first iteration of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. When Hitler’s Final Solution was fully underway, Pius very politely squeaked about maybe, possibly, perhaps, not gassing and burning quite so many Jews, if Herr Hitler would be so kind, just a couple of times.

If the Vatican had any shame whatsoever, it would keep its mouth sealed shut about World War II because it was its hatred for the Jews that helped ferment an act of genocide the consequences of which still loom large in global affairs today, and which the Vatican did virtually nada to stop. And it’s not only the Church’s cowardice during the war that’s in question here, it’s the disgusting support and help for pedophiles that’s being justified by the Vatican’s apologists in the most wrongheaded and disgusting ways that delivers another blow to the notion that the Pope might care about anything other than himself and his ability to project his will on a billion fellow humans. When you find out that someone in your organization is a pedophile, there’s one and only one acceptable way to deal with the situation. Call in the authorities. That’s it. There should be no debate about a public relations impact, about dogma, or about what’s best for the Vatican as an organization. You turn over all the child molesters to the local police station and let them rot in jail. To enable them to commit their crimes in other cities and hide them from the law is an act of a spineless, simpering coward at best, and of a heartless, amoral monster at worst. These are children for crying out loud! How could anyone defend the Pope here?

And just to put the cherry on top of this cake of utter reprehensibility, The Catholic League’s closeted NAMBLA supporter and all around vile bottom feeder, Bill Donohue, demanded that atheists apologize for Hitler. Ok, if you go on national television and say that 13 year old boys are fare game for sexual abuse since they’re at the beginning stages of puberty, you have lost all right to be taken seriously ever again. In fact, you should be treated like a psychotic, rabid dog, and all those who support The Catholic League and its leadership should be lowering their heads in shame and investing in paper bags to hide their faces because they’ve become an unofficial arm of both pederast advocacy, and libelous liars. I feel very sorry for those who are trapped by fierce fire and brimstone dogma into following the Vatican because that institution is rotten to the core and its public advocacy consists of intolerance, scapegoating, and harming the poor and unfortunate in other nations with a mix of noxious anti-science and wild conspiracies. And if you’re about to say “gee Greg, why don’t you tell all of us how you really feel,” I’d like to point you to a very good summation of my gut reaction to what’s happening on the watch of the Vatican’s current crop of calcified, dogmatic, amoral, and backward tyrants.

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