the bizarre mindset of conspiracy theorists

January 8, 2012

It certainly takes a certain kind of psyche to wholeheartedly ascribe to conspiracy theories the was many loyal listeners of Coast to Coast AM do. Their world is very much unlike ours. They’re on the lookout for government agents spreading disinformation and undermining their movement in the form of skeptical blogs or just a few friends with a skeptical take on their favored theories. They constantly imagine how the sinister masterminds behind the New World Order will execute their evil plans and detail a wide range of bloodthirsty, cruel, or just downright perverse ideas for what one should expect to uncover the Illuminati doing behind our backs. For an example of one such idea, here’s an attempted prediction from a Coast to Coast AM listener

Within the Illuminati, there will “be a wild sex slavery factory where blond-haired teenage girls are enslaved to make Illuminati babies since they’re trying to create the perfect race. There will be sex slavery. This will be revealed this year when someone is “caught red-handed with these girls.”

Wow, amazing. Perky co-eds locked up as sex slaves for deviant racial supremacists of unknown origins in a modern incarnation of Project Lebensborn and that’s how the powerfil elites in on the Illuminati conspiracies spend their evenings, taking pleasure with the elites’ sex slaves? Really? Is it just me or does it sound like a premise for an S&M-themed porn flick in very poor taste rather than something one could imagine the world’s top businesspeople and most powerful diplomats doing with their free time? Who thinks of things like this as plausible answers to all the frustrating or strange events around the world? And what kind of mind would it take to concoct such scenarios, scour the web for traces of nefarious Illuminati symbolism, preach the gospel of the imminent global takeover which will end in misery, war, and enslavement for all, and should you start to question this gospel, rush to call you the enemy in disguise with an unholy zeal.

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  • faultroy

    While I certainly agree that this representation is a little far out and certainly over dramatized, I think for most conspriacy theorists, there is some rational thinking going on. This example defies reasonable explanation, but the 9/11 conspiracy had some legitimate rationale. There have been many serious episodes in the history of the USA in which certain people actively conspired to create division, mayhem and orchestrate various outcomes. As a matter of fact, this type of activity is considered standard operating procedure in certain kinds of subversive ideologies. These specific techniques have been taught to special governmental forces for literally thousands of years. And while I do not currently subscribe to any “conspiracy theories,” I am not as surprised about the rise of these theories as I am about people like this author who glibly deny that these activiities do not exist–especially in view of the overwhelming empirical evidence that supports that governments actually do actively utilize these techniques.

    Let me give you one example: take the case of our President Barack Obama. The implication was that he was not a citizen of the USA. Now anyone that has looked at the meteoric rise of Obama within the Chicago Political Machine can see that his rise to prominance was entirely orchestrated by a handful of very powerful and influential poltical players. Within a matter of a few years, this individual who had done nothing to distinguish himself–other than to reinforce a view of his mediocrity–rose as no one else had. The timing of his book, his quick ascension from “organizer” to politician to House of Representatives and on to the Senate–along with spectacular lack of bills–an undistinguished career all points to a series of kingmakers and backroom deals. It is almost impossible to study his career–and its complete lack of highlights– and envision this man ever being a President. A man that never in his entire career ever led any organization nor was ever given command of anything. How is it possible that such a person could even ascend to position of the most powerful leader of the free world? Now I am not suggesting that there is anything even remotely similar as your example of the “illumnati,” but what I am suggesting is that there was clearly a number of very powerful men that used considerable influence to put Obama where he is today. Is it really that difficult to take the next intellectual leap and believe that there are a number of very powerful people all over the world looking to maintain advantage in? I don’t think so.

    For those that think this cannot happen, I would suggest that you read the Time Magazine version of the Gay Marriage Law for New York State. In Time Magazine’s version, it details the backroom deals, the money and the arm twisting of various legislators. The new governor, Andrew Cuomo is actually crowing about his tactics and the fact that for all but the corrupt New York legislature, this is the antithesis of respect for both civil procedure and due process. If a private corporation acted in this manner, they would be charged with multiple felonies and would receive jail time. In New York State, it is business as usual.

    And let me state for the record, I am pro gay, but I am not in favor of either skirting or undermining the legislative process in order to generate an “end justifying the means.” attitude. We Americans are constantly being manipulated by government, business, established religions, the entertainment industry and the traditional media. The current rise of Mitt Romney has clearly been orchestrated by Big Business and those that believe he is the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama. The millions of dollars in advertising and the constant harangue that “only Mitt can defeat Obama–because of his moderate positions” has left its influence on the GOP faithful. This has been actively promoted by both the Republican Nominating Committee and individuals as diverse as Bill O’Rielly. And, as usual, Conservatives will again pick the most lukewarm candidate that is most prone to cmpromising which will ultimately insure that we will continue in our current course and give people more of the same. And while this clearly does not constitute a conspiracy, it does demonstrate that a very small handful of individuals have unusual sway in both national and world events.

  • Fabian

    It’s hard to argue with the evidence that semenancy is vital to their control technology.

  • Greg Fish

    Is it really that difficult to take the next intellectual leap and believe that there are a number of very powerful people all over the world looking to maintain advantage in?

    No, but this is a well-worn truism which means very little and falls far short of justifying anything. Backroom dealing between those with power, money, advanced technology, or any combination of those, has been going on since the dawn of civilization.

    However, when we say that since backroom deals happen, these powerful interests would do [ insert your imaginative sinister scenario here ], we start going off the rails and making claims that we really can’t support. After all, to prove any conspiracy, you must show that those involved conspired to do exactly that.