apparently, digital currency is of the devil…

March 24, 2012

Either that, or the tool of the New World Order to erase all anonymity and track us wherever we go as they spy on our every conversation, text, e-mail, and IM in their new data centers if you believe all the religious zealots and conspiracy theorists drawn to an otherwise unassuming article on why we should go cashless. Most of the dire warnings fall strictly into two camps, with one being "the government is out to get you," while the other is the typical "repent sinners, the Beast approaches!" spiels threatening the unbelievers. Rather than being a debate on the merits of not having to deal with bills and coins versus the risk of keeping all our money purely digital in a bank’s system, the discussion ended up as raw data for a study of how modern New World Order conspiracies bridge different ideologies, uniting seemingly disparate groups with very different beliefs under the umbrella of suspicion and mistrust of The Man. Yes, the fact of the matter is that we increasingly rely on an electronic funds exchange system. But is it some sort of nefarious scheme to be tagged, tracked, and silently enslaved by demons/aliens/bankers, engineered by their henchmen controlling banks and governments?

Of course there are risks to storing all your money digitally. Hacking and identity theft can drain bank accounts in seconds but nowadays we have mechanisms for combating that and restoring everything stolen in about a day or two. And what’s the alternative to electronic banking? Let cash just sit in the bank’s safe or pile it under your mattress for a rainy day? Will you really dive into the vault or under the bed if you need more bills? Or is it easier to just use the nearest ATM which turns your digitally stored assets into cash? According to those who believe that a cashless society would be a tool of the New World Order, cash provides anonymity and freedom from those who can track every transaction you make to figure out where you are and where you were at every minute of every day. This line of thought raises two questions with the first being what makes someone think that cash grants them true anonymity? Sure, it’s much harder to trace, but it has been done before, especially when it’s used legally, leaving a paper trail of receipts and sales numbers along the way. Plus, don’t the cash advocates in question have accounts with utility companies which send them bills? Or some sort of mortgage or rent they have to pay every month? No matter how they pay them, those interested in getting a hold of them could always use the countless paper and digital traces we leave as we go about our daily business.

If you want to be really hard for someone with access to banking and utility records to find, your best bet would be to move into an off-the-grid compound in the middle of nowhere and close every bank account, credit card, and subscription you have. You’ll also have to ditch your cell phone and internet, communicating with anybody only via public resources such as those in city libraries and recreation centers. Even then, when you show up in the same libraries and centers to make calls and check your Hushmail account, anyone looking for you will eventually get wind of what you’re doing and track you down, especially since you won’t own a car. That’s right, you can’t have a car because you have to sign for a title and register it with the DMV to get your tags. Fail to do that, and the police will pull you over for not having tags or proof that you actually own the car you’re driving. So even after going way off the grid, you can still be found unless you live like a hermit for the rest of your life if an authority of some sort is really interested in tracking you down. That brings us to our second question. Why is your persona so incredibly interesting to the New World Order? Let’s be honest here, 99.5% of us will always be more or less average people and keeping track of where we buy our groceries or how much we pay for our internet access are hardly riveting topics for a shadowy cabal that supposedly plans the fate of the world.

After all, these powerful secret rulers have to plot the direction of the global economy and the next major wars, were we to believe the conspiracy theorists. How does knowing that Jane Q. Public just filled up her car at the gas station on the corner of Main and Broadway in Wherever, SD for $43.17 and paid with her Local Bank Visa debit card help them better execute their grand strategy? As painful it may be for conspiracy theorists to admit, the probability that they’ll be actively watched by the NWO is infinitesimal because frankly, they’re just not at all interesting and their posts on ATS, Prison Planet,, and InfoWars are not exactly all that threatening to global organizations with virtually unlimited resources. Yes, there are exceptions to this and there are ordinary people do find themselves under surveillance by a government agency for just being who they are, and in this case, no amount of cash use will help them. And they’re not under surveillance because the NWO ordered an investigation into them out of the blue, they’re under surveillance because an agency tasked with a nebulous, open-ended task like "keeping the nation safe" think this person may have links to terrorists or criminals, or a foreign spy agency. How it makes that determination and what it should or should not be allowed to do needs to be debated, but the point again is that having cash is no guarantee of anonymity and you’re almost certainly not being targeted by the New World Order just because you posted some comments or blog posts.

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  • Russ Toelke

    I always thought the whole Orwellian threat of Big Brother misses one vital component: the folks watching the cameras and parsing the data.

    If Big Brother wants information on me and has the means to follow my every move, he will most certainly fall asleep at the switchboard soon enough. You know, out of sheer boredom… :)

  • Bill

    Good article. The extremists have the same concerns as everyone, they just express them differently. They need access to other ideas to construct other solutions, but they too see extremism. Narrow mindedness can be cured if you’re really patient, marketing them needs a dedicated budget. But getting to know them is like going native, where do we draw the line. Then it turns out we’re all extremists, must drive the FBI crazy.

  • Edossa Kenea

    I and my families are free from Devil and we bealive in God and made us; we are no need stragle with Devil. We are live in individual freedom and we are learning for acadamy.

  • George Tirebiter

    Edossa, if you had actually studied at an “acadamy,” rather than being homeschooled by ignoramuses, you would realize that the Devil has apparently “stragled” your language and what you say makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Greg Fish

    Now, now George, keep in mind that this blog is read by people all over the world, and Edossa is not from the U.S. according to my dashboard. Her grasp of English can’t be used to assess her intelligence or education.

  • Edossa Kenea

    I dislike live in anciant devil impire; Jesus Christ also made renessanse for devil. I dislike to diny my body and inter unkind data. I am modern man. Don’t udapt unkind and like guilt store in evils and devil body or spirit becouse they play for yourself. We are waiting for when play for themself. Devil must on my mind. I myself. We are runing to even. Be brave. Waiting of yersulam holy and state of God. No one left sihol becouse God dislike soul of any that disturb him from sihol. Sirous, I am going to brilliant learn, work and rich to live in life.

  • Edossa Kenea

    Mr Georgi, yes ofcourse i am not from US. CIA who are evils are dislike to live me. I was register in internat cia manber. Due to information over load, ethiopia america embase corupt made and i was not agree, e.t.c problums they divorse made me from CIA. Now i am suporting who are stand for true democrasy and libration. Specialy, Oromo Libration Front(OLF). Working with Devil and Christ peoples for heven.

  • Edossa Kenea

    \*Mr Georgi, yes ofcourse i am not from US. CIA who are evils are dislike to live me. I was register in internat cia manber. Due to information over load, ethiopia america embase corupt made and i was not agree, e.t.c problums they divorse made me from CIA. Now i am suporting who are stand for true democrasy and libration. Specialy, Oromo Libration Front(OLF). Working with Devil and Christ peoples for heven.*/