and so, after much internal deliberation…

July 22, 2012

As said in an older post, the current formatting of this blog has locked me into a certain posting style that can be very difficult to maintain at times, and doesn’t give me the flexibility to do some of the posts I’d like because frankly, they’ll look bad. Sure, I could start scattering graphs, charts, and screenshots with little to no regard to the overall layout, but that will only make it look messy. No, I don’t have design OCD, just a little touch of CDO so the letters are in the right order. But I digress. The long and short of it is that it’s about time for a big layout change and are were two options on the table. The first is to redesign the blog myself from scratch and create either a new WordPress theme using PHP, a thought that makes me shudder, or a the much more appealing but back-end intensive process of creating a custom blog platform. The second is to buy a customizable new theme and adjust it to fit my needs. Considering that my day job and the two big projects related to Hivemind are taking a big chunck of my time, I opted for the second option which turns out to be faster and cheaper.

Now, don’t worry, I listened to your input and the currently two top choices will keep this blog linear rather than switch it over to the popular new magazine style, there won’t be any integration with social media commenting so anyone can leave comments without signing in or creating new profiles, and there will be a widget to show new comments so you can join interesting discussions on old threads. Really, at this point, the choice comes down to two factors: price and compatibility with mobile browsers. A small but growing number of readers are viewing this blog on their smartphones so how well they’ll be able to read this blog on their mobile devices is becoming a major concern, though I don’t think I’m going to give up my affection for higher resolution graphics to preserve bandwidth. If anything, as you can probably see, I’ll be using more of them. Look for the change to happen in the next few weeks, along with a couple of new Hivemind/sci-fi book related announcements…

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  • Brett

    It’s not that I don’t mind having a comment registration system. Lots of websites use DISQUS, for example, and I’m totally okay with that – it lets you keep some anonymity, it gives you great options for tracking and responding to other commentators on blogs, etc. I just despise the Facebook commenting system, because aside from the lack of anonymity, it just completely sucks in terms of posting (you can’t italicize or blockquote anything).

  • Paul451

    Disqus is also pretty buggy. With bugs that have been around since it started. (I do like being able to re-edit, though.) So swings/roundabouts.

  • Andrew

    There are some great, affordable ‘responsive’ WordPress designs out there that may suit your needs. But I guess it depends how quick you are with PHP, if you can build your own thing easily then maybe that’s best.