welcome to weird things 5.0

August 3, 2012

As you’ve probably noticed, Weird Things has been looking a little different since last evening, especially if you tried to read it on your smartphone or tablet where you more than likely found it a lot more readable. After a few weeks of research and careful consideration, this theme was the closest match to what I thought would work best for this blog, was the easiest to customize with a little css, and saved me the trouble of hacking up some PHP or building a blog platform from scratch and moving this blog to a new host. It also provides excellent support and layout options for mobile devices, which is a big deal as more and more readers are accessing Weird Things that way on a regular basis, and incorporates most of the things you said you wanted to see.

There won’t be any social comments or sign-ups to leave a reply on a post, the font is bigger and the right edge is left ragged to make the site more readable and easier to format, and the widgets now show recent comments so you can see what’s going on in comment threads across the blog. I’ll also try to get into the swing of Twitter again and should that go well, I’ll be adding the appropriate widget as well. All in all, I’m actually pretty excited about this update. It will make it easier for me to create more new posts, write new types of content such as how-tos, in-depth posts with more images, maybe even with some code examples in my AI posts, and you’ll get more posts and better usability out of Weird Things on your computers and mobile devices. So stay tuned for new stuff, now in a new and better format…

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  • Brett

    Wow, it’s kind of . . . stark. I like it, though, since it makes reading posts really easy.

    I’ve noticed that Google and Microsoft have the “stark” look now as well. It must be very popular.

  • Greg Fish

    Well, it’s popular exactly because it’s easy to read. Minimalist, high contrast, and clear is where web design is moving today because quite frankly, a whole lot of people overdid it with busy sites and the incessant widgets and colorful splash images which are a huge pain to maintain and keep from cluttering sites.

  • Jypson

    Im liking it, looking forward to some bigger, better, faster, stronger, posts!