surprise! wikileaks needs your cash. again…

October 13, 2012

By now, I think my views on how WikiLeaks is ran, who is running it, and its double standards on transparency are not exactly a secret. While it was churning out seemingly damning evidence of malfeasance by big government and military alliances — even when the sources for all of this evidence were less than trustworthy — it recieved a steady stream of support and Assange was embraced as a soon-to-be martyr even as he hosted a TV show for the Kremlin’s benefit. But in his ongoing quest for power and fame, Assange finally went too far and upset his most stalwart and committed ally, the hordes of Anonymous, with what looked like a flimsy paywall. Upset that WikiLeaks "has become the Julian Assange Show," the collective’s IRC channel expressed just how displeased the anons were by telling organization to "go die in a fire." Ouch. Though can we all be really bluntly honest for a moment? Since when has WikiLeaks been anything other than a series of episodes of the Julian Assange vs. The World Show in which our self-created hero has been trying to do good things for questionable reasons and let his ego get the best of him?

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  • Morry

    It’s not unique for a game changing organisation to be lead by a strong personality. Take Apple, Microsoft, GE and Virgin for example. Assange is just another Jobs, Gates, Welch, and Branson, minus the billions.

    Plus it’s easy for those threatened by his actions to destroy credibility via a character assassination rather than arguing that what Wikileaks is wrong, since that is an attack on free speech – the very fabric of American freedoms. I do not question the intent of his actions, since I am aware of his activist upbringing. Sadly for many they compare him to America’s got Talent, rather than a Daniel Ellsberg. I blame society not Assange.

  • Greg Fish

    There’s a big difference between Branson or Jobs or Gates and Assange. The CEOs you listed have a goal to make money and how much revenue they oversee being generated decided how well they do their jobs. Assange is a political activist and how people feel about his website and his mission is what counts. If there’s little goodwill towards him anymore and his former allies and friends describe him as being naive, mad with power, and egotistical, he can’t be an effective activist.