world of weird things podcast: why everything we know is a theory

This one is for every scientist and science writer who've been told that something is "just a theory" in response to an article.
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The science illiterate and fact averse love to call scientific bodies of knowledge “just theories, not facts” with the predictability of an atomic clock when faced with something they find irksome, but this betrays a glaring lack of rudimentary understanding behind what science calls a theory and why. In this episode, we dive into the mechanics of and definitions of the terms describing the scientific method, and try to answer why so many people don’t know that scientific theories are collections of facts, not a stopover for discoveries that “get promoted to laws.”

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

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Look, Up In The Sky! It’s Super-Earth!
There May Not Be Dark Matter Or Energy, Just Gravity. We Just Don’t Know How.

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