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Greg Fish is an IT consultant with an M.S in computer science, and science blogger whose work appears on BusinessWeek, Discovery News and The Panda’s Thumb, and has been featured on Bad Astronomy, SEED, and io9. He specializes in writing about unusual cutting edge science and promoting skepticism and sound scientific education while writing about robots, aliens, and alien robots.

He was born in the former USSR and lived in the United States for more than ten years, first as a permanent resident and now as a naturalized citizen. Sometimes he will refer to himself in third person. There’s no need for alarm, the problem will just fix itself in due time.

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Weird Things isn’t about debunking saints on cheese sandwiches, claims of telekinesis or simply reposting whatever science news come off the wires. It’s about researching big things and looking for the amazing, the unexpected and illuminating facts in a new light. Did an astronomer at SETI catch a brief signal from an alien civilization more than 30 years ago? What does a tabloid writer with a grudge have to do with the New World Order conspiracy theory? What are the odds that creatures from the stars will come to Earth, would they come in peace and what could we do if they didn’t? Is there a hypersonic jet stored in an Area 51 hangar because the USAF doesn’t know what to do with it? These are the questions Weird Things wants to answer..

After all, where’s the fun in reading about another lake monster or alien abduction and always know that in the end, it will be debunked and dismissed for the upteenth time?

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Have a question, comment or suggestion? Send an e-mail to worldofweirdthings@gmail.com

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  • Fascinating blog. This is like a more scholarly “Myth Busters.” Very well done.

  • Dear Greg,

    Saw your post on Anthony’s blog, but couldn’t respond, as the comments are closed.

    In support of your comments, here is my web page, where is explained why the current CO2 increase is mainly man-made:

    That doesn’t prove that the increase has much influence on temperature. That is a quite different topic, and indications from the ice age – interglacial transitions show little influence…

  • N.S. Palmer


    This is a terrific blog! I’ve only just started looking at it, but I’ve already learned a lot. And I have a friend who’s really into conspiracies, the occult, and UFOs (which he speculates might be Nazi fighter planes from a base in Antarctica). He’ll absolutely love this site.

    I’m less concerned about whether something is a “conspiracy theory” than about whether or not it is based on an adequate amount of reliable evidence. I get a sense that you take the same attitude: go where the evidence leads.

    BTW, one of my brothers is also (adopted) from the former USSR; he’s from Georgia, so he speaks Russian and Georgian. Your bio doesn’t say what part of the USSR you’re from, though one assumes it’s Russia. Are you familiar with the Volokh Conspiracy blog? I used to know the Volokhs, and I think you would like it.

    Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading!


  • Hey Greg,
    That’s an amazing blog you have here!!!

  • Greg,
    I’ve just finished reading the whole blog, so I’m pretty sure when I say:
    This is the best blog I’ve seen since I joined the Blogosphere 2 years ago.

  • Vinh Tran

    Hi Greg, Great blog, keep it up, bookmarked bookmarked!!

  • rosie

    Hey, this is a great site!
    Who was the designer?

  • Mehdi G

    I cannot tell a lie. You are a very gifted writer and I enjoy reading these blogs every time there is a new one. Keep them coming my good friend, they open up my mind to possibilities. Thanks!

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  • I like your post “The Long Search For Evil” so thought you may appreciate my angle at 435mhz.wordpress.com

  • Nandini Chandra

    All I want to say to you is Thank You!!!

  • mad4science

    I really enjoyed your blog, especially the coverage to the struggle to teach evolution.

  • reggie

    My favorite new blog! Nice work!

  • Vic

    This is a really neat and interesting blog. Keep up with the good articles!

  • Dave

    I am a new reader and have thoroughly enjoyed this blog over the last couple of months. Keep up the good work in 2010!

  • Angela

    You single? Cause I just read the comment dialogue with you and Mike about creationism and I’m way turned on.

  • OregonMJW

    Greg (hint) –> Get Angela’s number!

  • Audrey

    Yes, you could get her number, sweetheart, but your girlfriend might be a teensy bit upset with you. <3.

  • Angela

    Sorry Audrey :) (Very cute response however.) I suspect it was a moment of exuberance on my part at having found this slice of brilliance on the interwebs.

  • Michael Turner


  • Things_fallling_apart


    I am a new reader of your blog, which I discovered from your badastronomy profile. I spent the last couple of weeks reading a good portion of the posts here. I am normally a lurker and don’t write much in the ways of comments, however I just wanted to let you know that this is a terrific blog. I hope you keep it up, as it is informative, entertaining and though provoking. You are a very good writer, and the blog is updated very regularly, which I like.

    I will tell my friends about it, hopefully they can appreciate it as much as I do.

    Thank you for making this blog, as well as the internet a better place.


  • I had to write this for an artificial intelligence class at BU, thought you may find it interesting: http://www.freshmandenial.com/artificial-intelligence-the-mind-in-the-brain-the-brain-in-a-robot/

  • RaggMopp

    Greg, sorry, I’m new to the bolgosphere. I’m drawn to your stuff because it’s so lucid. I’d say intuitive, but I wouldn’t want to insult you with that turn of phrase, sounds like I mean it will appeal to lizards, and that’s not what I want to convey at all.

    I know it’s hard to walk that tight line between lunatic fundamentalists and rational secularists, whatever their religion. But I support your efforts. Unfortunately, you may wish you hadn’t waked me up. I do tend to runon (runoff?) when aroused.

  • A friend of mine believes that Wikileaks was secretly sponsored or spurred by the US (or possibly UN) government(s) to create public outrage, which they could use to justify stricter internet control. He believes that this could be used as a platform to launch what he called, “Internet 2”, which would be completely government controlled. I don’t have a clever counter-argument for him. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this.


  • Hi Greg,
    I run a placement firm serving the R&D industry across the US. My clients do research in AI, machine learning, computer vision, pattern recognition, imaging, robotics, etc. If you’d be interesting in hearing about opportunities some time please let me know. jt@slidebrook.com.
    Thank you and Good Luck!

  • Judith

    Scroll to the very bottom of the screen, Rosie, and you will see Vigilance Theme, by The Theme Foundry

  • Hello Mr. Fish:

    I must be a Skeptic too and to read about how certain Scientist or Researchers may
    actually form an opinion should not surprize you. I see your view as a Kettle calling the Pot Black. That means an ICT expert as you must be, has opinions too
    and they are all over the map. So Man Up and look into the mirror once in awhile.
    Perhaps what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander or the reverse of that.
    I am just in a critical mood today of critics.

  • Hey Greg,

    Wanted to tank you for the blog, this is exactly my kind of blog, wired and mysterious, keep it up ;p

  • William Bath

    Enjoy your writings–I post quite a few to FB to enlighten the masses

  • found your blog doing a GIS for tin-foil hats – good stuff!

  • Great blog! I run a website examining claims of a dubious nature and I’m very pleased to have found this place. I’ve got some heavy reading to do…!

  • schwartztronica

    Greetings from Kyrgyzstan! I just came upon your blog, and I must say, I’m very impressed by the fair and balanced way in which you approach the various issues (such as the Manning and Snowden leaks, space travel, etc.). I’ve been looking for informed commentary to read on a regular basis, and I think I’ve found it! :)