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Have you ever wondered if we’ve been visited by aliens in our ancient past, whether we really landed on the Moon, or whether we’re all actually living in a computer simulation? Unfortunately, we’ve been sworn to secrecy by our reptilian overlords from Zeta Reticuli so we can’t answer those specific questions, but we can bring you the latest insight into bleeding edge scientific research, advancements in computing, and fact checks of popular conspiracy theories.

Weird Things began in 2008 and grew to advocate for scientific education, skepticism, and dive deeper into headlines into big ideas and experiments aiming to turn science fiction into science fact. It’s the place to get context and engage with skeptical eyes that cuts through the hype and highlights valuable insights, a sneak peek at the future and your guide to some of the weirdest subjects in science and technology today, hence the name.

Over the years, it’s had several incarnations, experimented with different formats, and had several hiatuses, but two things never changed. Weird Things never pulled punches when it came to discussing hard questions and the culture in which they existed, and always strived to be place to go for thorough, definitive, fact-based coverage of science, technology, and pop sci and tech culture.