looking for the aliens among us

June 15, 2009

One would think that as popular science publications overflow with serious musings about what actual aliens might look like and what their bio-chemical compositions might be, the modern myth of human/alien hybrids walking among us would be discarded even by the most ardent ufologists. And one would be wrong. At least one follower of the ancient astronaut theory, Lloyd Pye, is determined to prove that aliens and humans knew each other in a very intimate way and he thinks he has the direct, physical evidence to convince scientists.

alien girl

That evidence is a 900 year old skull of a young boy he calls the Starchild. Found in Mexico during the 1930s, it’s an odd artifact with an abnormally large space for a brain, shallow eye sockets with oval orbits, and canals for the optic nerves situated in the wrong place. According to Pye, it looks like the result of a Gray alien and a human creating a hybrid and he’s submitted the skull for DNA testing several times to prove that there may be some traces of an extraterrestrial lineage somewhere in its genome. So far, the scientists who’ve tested the sample confirmed that the child’s mother was definitely human. From the father’s side, things are rather fuzzy at best so Pye is using that ambiguity to argue that the child’s dad could very well be an alien.

Of course just because we haven’t been able to determine a genetic profile of the father doesn’t mean that we need to set our sights on Zeta Riticuli. But as most skeptics know, when it comes to pseudoscience, negative evidence carries the same weight to believers as any tangible proof. This is why rather than provide a serious explanation for any of the mysteries of the skull, Pye simply exaggerates them and keeps reminding us that it looks an awful lot like the head of a Gray if you squint hard enough. He also dodges the question of how alien genomes would resemble our own closely enough for producion of viable offspring and how we could detect some trace of genetic manipulation by an advanced extraterrestrial species. In other words, Pye doesn’t even know what he’s trying to find other than validation for his ideas.

You see, some proponents of the ancient astronaut theory need a little something extra to their science to get that feeling of uniqueness, significance and companionship that most religious beliefs try to offer. They’re too skeptical about a traditional deity and so they embrace the idea of alien overlords because alien life is at least scientifically plausible. When something in human history gives them pause, they use alien influence to craft an answer for themselves. How did apes mutate into intelligent humans? Genetic “upgrade” from aliens who were experimenting with our biosphere at the time. How did we go from cave dwellers to residents of vast city states that were the seeds of empires? Extraterrestrial guidance. For every mystery or gap in their knowledge, there’s a wide variety of alien tales to choose from, many of which combine ancient fiction or New Age beliefs into complex mythologies. For them, it makes being human a lot more exciting.

This is why a strange skull which can be a handy Rorschach test for skeptics and believers alike isn’t just an interesting way to make money and gain publicity for Pye and his fans. It’s something to hold on to almost like a religious relic. And because it’s seems like the proof they’ve been seeking all these years, they insist that its abnormalities aren’t abnormalities at all and that no doctor can classify them as human disorders, even if the tentative expert conclusion is that the skull represents a rare and severe case of brachycephaly. It’s just one of those beliefs that’s too spectacular to let go without a fight.

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  • james

    i like the fact that these creatures are among us and would love to find one and talk with them as a whole . this is my wish

  • Jonas Årman

    I am very thankful to find this site and evidence. I searching for real aliens all the time and my biggest wish is to be in contact with real extraterrestrials aliens. So please if you are the aliens or if you can read my message by watching me on planet Earth, I want to ask you if you will take me to your planet in your spaceship? I wish to start a new life because I had no here on the planet Earth. I live in Sweden. My email is: jonas.arman@xxxx.xx. please contact me soon. I will tell you all you want to know about me.

    Best wishes

  • Loeck

    I remember, back when crop circles were a big thing. I can’t remember who/where sent it but it was in a 64 by 64 block and we got a response and it said that it got sent from right next to the observatory. I believe that it said they were made from silicon, and yes i know that a couple of British men confessed to making the crop circles but I just can’t believe them, it just seems that it would be beyond them because there were crop circles on different continents.

  • Kev

    What you think because their are crop circles different continents it has to be super human?? How rediculous! there’s CLAY on different continents and buildings on different continents, does that man both of those are super human? What about computers, clam chowder, WOOD, grass, sand castles, need I go on? Seriously people, start doing just a TAD bit more critical thinking.

  • Nick

    Lloyd’s not out to sell anything, he does sell things – but he’s out to validate his research. He’s researched this for 40 years. Only a crazy person would waste 40 years setting up a hoax just to sell a few books. Lloyd’s not crazy, I speak to him often and he’s both intelligent and perfectly normal.

    We’d be arrogant to say that there’s nothing out there but us. Maybe Lloyd will find something, maybe someone else will. We certainly won’t find nothing.

  • Jonas

    Hi there!
    Sorry for not write on long time. So you all are aliens? Im ready to fight to be free from the planet Earth. Im also ready to protect the alien on the photo on this site and my alien friends in general from danger earthlings. Now I want to know how we escape from the planet Earth? And If that is any alien prisoners here on Earth that have be catch earlier on any Earth visit, and If so, how we rescue them? When you all aliens are ready with the spaceships, I will try to distract the people in the village called Tranemo I live in so you can landing without trouble.


  • Loeck

    “CLAY on different continents” Wow did not know there was only one particle of clay and that it could go everywhere, or are you saying that all the clay in the world is a hive mind. Your one to talk about critical thinking, these people were lower class people who I am certain couldn’t afford to go back and forth and back and forth across the sea. Also you know what, before you post think your thought through.

  • sheila s.

    Well……More and more tend to beleive that at one time in early human history ,that we were a slower seed planted on this planet to prove our own slow pace of evolution to our superior ancestors from anther near by planet.
    A discovery of the ancient cilvilization of the egyptian era is proof enough of their influences and curiousities with changing the molecular structure of earth’s raw gold ore into something that has been an influence by someone other then something extraordinary to previous cultures.

  • sammy z

    few more years very soon every body will believe that aliens are real and there is to many kind of them visited our planet. they are here to help us because they are more advanced than us. imagine human 100000 years from now! how advance we going to be . i think by than we can talk telepathy to. i can’t wait till ones for all every body accept aliens are real ……….sammy z

  • mytor

    oh dear!!!

  • Secret agent Jonas

    Jonas’ report.

    Sorry for the report is late.
    I have to confirm that I have seen the red V-formation in the late evening. I think I saw it sometime before Christmas. I am unsure on the exact date. The V-formation fly like the birds in just a formation and lights in red over me on the parking lot outside near my home. It was more people with me when I saw it but them not noted it and I not tell them direct when it was in the sky.
    My question is, was it you alien friends I saw? Was that your scanner that you sent to the planet Earth I saw? Please contact me as soonest possible and tell me. Can I follow with you in the spaceship when you have landed on the planet Earth in the place named Tranemo there I live?

    With best regards

  • Xenu

    Hi Jonas,

    The trick is not to try and find comfort in escaping to another world, but to try and make human life better.

    Your alien friend,

  • Jonas

    Hi Xenu.

    I have just read about the planet Earths most big secret namely the secret researching project called Synthetic telepathy and I think I am one of the innocent victims for this project. Them try to take control over my mind, my thoughts and life like many other without my knowing from the beginning. Please help me away from this bad and danger planet. You can read about it self, just search on google in this keywords: Synthetic telepathy, Facebook or something but them have block it so that is a sign of something is foam and mysterious for example the Swedish I live in and rest of the worlds authorities earthlings. Try read other websites if the results faild. Them have something them hide. I feel a very bad feeling about it. Do you know anything about Synthetic telepathy project on the planet Earth? I have mental problems and eating the stupid psychopharmacology Medicine and now I know the unnecessary reason for it. Please my alien friend, this is a emergency discovery and request, Can you help me away from planet Earth? Please send me a resistant and strong agent robot woman like T-X in the movie Terminator 3, I think your planet have the Resources to be able to do that for me. Let her protect me until we come in safe in the spaceship for leaving the planet Earth. I hope you really are an alien Xenu and Moreover, I hope you other aliens in the universe hear my cry for help from Planet Earth. Please rescue me and the others if there is one or a few more in the same situation like me. I will give you all the information you need to find me and my location if you need to know from me.

    Urgent greetings
    Jonas Årman

  • Mary Peikert

    What is they not from another planet, but another time, or another dimension. Who knows…..

  • Mary Peikert

    Sorry for the lousy spelling, psychopharmacology as well.

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  • Chuck

    To talk about doing some research, I’m surprised no body mentioned the 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

    2001 in Washington DC, a conference was held for many of these people provided public testimony and present physical evidence. Just because you didn’t see it on the 6:00 news doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Look it up!


  • Jonas

    Hi there all my alien friends! (smile)

    Sorry for waiting my answer again.

    I have understanding about what you say and I confirm the proposal about making human life better. Good, let’s activate a program Alice like the movie and the game Resident Evil and take control over the world to advantage for us, me and you my alien friends but we need only the control over The Earth’s humans as long as we stay in visits to Planet Earth, then we can cancel the control when we are finished on the planet and leaves it. I have a question, I saw a young woman dressed in red, in this place called Tranemo in Sweden where I live, my question is, is the woman sent from you, in mission to infect the earthlings with cooperation? Like program Alice? Anyway if you need my confirmation to activate the program Alice, you have got it. I got a secure feeling when I saw her and there is a hope. Please do you can send me the alien agent woman to the place called Tranemo there I live so soonest as possible? I want her looking me up. She can also email me first if she needs information.: jonas dot arman AT home dot se.

    Ps. I have not tell for anybody about this website and I never gonna do that, I promise. I keep that secret.

    Best wishes

  • Lloyd

    The Bible claims that the daughters of man had relations with fallen angels, and that their offspring were giants.

    Scoff if you want, but why don’t they (scientist etc.) do DNA samples of all the known giant fossils? Maybe something shows up.

  • Evelyn

    They are walking among us but not always in the way you would think. Most of them came here by natural birth trough an other human. Not all “aliens” are physical so they can incarnate in a human body so they can walk around here “undercover”, living a human life but still know they are not from here and can remember this. The only problem is, by being born like this, like every other human being who gets born, you lose most of your memories en knowledge but the beings from your home star/planet will help you when your ready to re-remind it. The main difference between them and most people is the way they live their live and look at life and the planet. They will be more patient because they know people have lot’s to learn. They respect nature and all living things in it and they are not violent in any way.


  • Jerry

    Hello all (humans/aliens/hybrids), i think it is more better if we all could live side by side, peacefully, no need to hide from anybody, i would be grateful to accept all of you as my friends… cheers…

  • traderted50

    James and all,

    If you want to meet one of the ancient astronauts just walk into any room and look left, right, front or rear of your position…..We are all hybrid results of the mixing of ancient astronauts DNA with the homosapien DNA that existed on this planet millions of years ago….We are all the ancients that we seem to be seeking so desperatley these days…..If you want help, direction or the answer to almost any problem look inside yourself first……..

  • Neal

    I just want to say that I would love to actually meet a real life E.T. I have heard stories of us having interstellar ancestors and that there may be another species of humanoid that look almost exactly like us, but have differences in organs like the brain, lungs, liver, etc. They may be so close to humans, that they do walk among us and we may see them every day, not realizing it.

    Anyway, if there are any REAL LIFE E.T.s out there and you read this comment, feel free to contact me anytime. I have a lot of curiosites about everything and I promise I won’t be a bore. I think I can offer a lot to the greater cause of the universe.

  • Joeseff

    Jonas, The human evolution is very important to us, it took us thousands of years, to perfect, and make sure life will thrive on this wonderful planet. If there ever is an act of global “war” planet earth will be in no danger. In the last 20 years, we had to create anti nuclear technology for disarming nuclear weapons, if they were ever launched. Also mind erasing, due to the immense fear of extraterrestrials. Your earth is out of balance, this is not the fault of humans. Earth, in the next 2 years, will be closest it has ever been to the black hole at the center of your galaxy. Do not be frightened. Earth is in no danger, Earth will always be protected. Jonas, you need to feel, and listen. We all have a mission, when a certain frequency is heard.

  • The entire point behind human hybrids would be to appear human, I would imagine down to the genome if possible. Considering the difference between us and chimpanzees is under 1%. A successful hybrid program would be as hard as proving the difference between a fox terrier and a jack russell. Breeding into the actual species to be successful breeders and hopefully destabilize the ambiguity between our species and theirs. It’s the most civil form of diplomacy. It’s hard to fear Aliens among us.

  • you know who i am

    If there is extrarterrestrial life out there please contact me soon. Use your advanced technology to figure out who I am. I will gladly assist you in anything possible even if it means the colonization of this race. This world is hell and humans need alien domination.

  • Brandon

    This is all very interesting.

    I think that all of the aliens out there are us. We are them…, and humanity is disbursed all throughout the universe… By the Grand Architech GOD himself, and we are all apart of a story continually being told throughout time. The universe is too vast to not have life anywhere else and I truly believe that we all come from other planets, and that’s why we have all of the different races on this planet, which long ago started as a penal colony for criminals from everywhere else. When we arrived, there were already humans here which explains the pre-dated human species that was so called found, evolution can’t happen that fast. We didn’t evolve from Apes. GOD is real, and life is abundant throughout the universe.

    I know this because i arrive here 17 years ago as a child and now i am 27 years old according to the time in this star system which is almost very similar to where i am from, or so i was told. We are all the same.

  • samantha

    i think that some people on the planet might have ailen dna. i have no doubt that they helped in evelution. i think its why we are not compleetly hary like a monkey and that our skin varys in color. my skin has a olive tint to my mother says to me i look light tan and green mixed i have larger than normal brown eyes and my face curver so that it comes to a point. my grand mother was mexican and native american who knows what the hell happened before the white man got here do you ever wontder where some of their bleifes came from before the spanyards inposed christanty on them? my dad is white my twin sisters skin is so pale you can almoast see through it. just saying food for though.

  • knyaz

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  • Greg Fish

    Я ну никак не пойму как образованный человек севодня может не знать что такое измерение и чем ево едят. Обитать в четвёртом измерении просто не возможно, ето чущ. Очень вам советую глянуть в словарь перед тем как начинать научную дискуссию.

    В настоящее время происходит изменение на генном уровне флоры и фауны Земли

    Ето называется еволюциа. Надеюсь вы хоть что-то слышали о Дарвине…

  • lehahiah

    I’ve always been wondering why, but the idea that all extra terrestrials are supposedly going to be some weird looking creature, or that they all have some sort of advanced technology. I’ don’t expect the weird appearance thing to die down nor do I want it to, but it would be nice if there was some variety what’s to say they don’t don’t look like humans with maybe smaller traits that aren’t so drastic but big enough to tell them apart, or just looking like humans completely. As for the advanced technology what’s to say there may be some that behind us, or close to the same point as us. My reasoning is all the planets rotate at a different speed and so time runs differently as well(in terms of years).

    but if i there were a planet with people similar to ours i’d rather go there because I’m allergic to everything on this planet

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else fap to the picture of that alien looking girl above?

  • AnonyGirl

    She’s very beautiful! :-)

  • Moonshadowrising

    Very nice page, thanks for sharing so much with us thank you.

  • ComeAtMe

    I look at these comments, ‘Humans need domination’, ‘take control of us’, and think, “Come on people!” If aliens want to come and be agreeable, I will welcome them with open arms. But anything trying to come and dominate me is going to have a fight on it’s hands/tentacles. I don’t see how people could just bend so easily to alien control. Just got done playing ME3 so I could work with any alien race, hell, might get into a romance with one, but the moment domination comes to the table, Imma flip it and lay down some lead. Come at me Bro.

  • The only way two men can keep a secret is if one of them is dead.

    The only way this could happen is if the DNA and most everything else in the makeup of an alien matched us. Not likely. Now if we get farfetched and say this father came from the future of humanity and not the past then it could happen. Time travel parenting isn’t much of a viable option though.

    There needs to solid proof not innuendo.

    Its hard to believe in some thing that has no solid proof unless you go to the religious side.

    There are others out there but perhaps we should be grateful they aren’t here YET!

  • Anonymous

    Какая няшка :3

  • Dero

    Anyone that knows about the starchild skull knows that it has undergone numerous examinations which showed ultra strong fibers embedded deep in the bone and significant differences in the bones structure. It raises a lot of questions and there are many things that indicate that the skull is not of exclusively human origin. The only problem is that we can only seem to get people that are “over enthusiastic” to represent these things and they make a lot of unfounded claims and assumptions, which discredits the entire thing.

  • Amanda

    The grays are already walking among us we just aren’t smart enough to know or realize

  • dcutter1

    Ok they really send nano bots that invade our body and live in symbiosis within it, we never even know they are there, lol