ufologists want an eu exopolitical agency

August 12, 2009

People persuaded beyond a shadow of a doubt that little gray creatures are coming down to Earth on a routine basis to trade high tech gizmos and study human anatomy with a rather disturbingly frequent use of rectal probes, have been petitioning governments to take them seriously for many years. This time though, a European group of ufologists wants the EU to set up an entire agency devoted to studying UFOs and how to make political overtures to alien species that would be a compete mystery to us.

Organizers and speakers from the European Exopolitics Summit have released a Declaration for the creation of a European Agency to study UFOs and extraterrestrial affairs. The Declaration was first presented to the public at a Press Conference preceding the Exopolitics Summit which featured international speakers discussing the public policy implications of evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. […]

The goal in releasing the Declaration is to spur European governments and citizen organizations to cooperate in collection and analysis of UFO data. An online petition has been started to collect signatures for the Declaration and promote its adoption by relevant governments…

via Michael Salia at Examiner.com

Ok. Where to begin? I’ve always been in favor of looking for alien life. On other planets. You know, places where they would actually evolve in a suitable habitat. Since this blog started in late 2008, I’ve lost count of how many posts I made on the practical and scientific problems aliens and we would have in traveling between far flung solar systems on a regular basis. As breathtakingly awesome as it would be to see an honest to goodness alien ship touch down in front of news cameras, it hasn’t happened yet and we have no proof that it ever did. Forming a government agency to study something that may be just a figment of some people’s fevered imaginations is simply wasteful.

Besides, there are already government agencies that fund missions to find extraterrestrial life. You may have heard of them. They’re called NASA and the ESA. Of course they fund real science rather than just say that flying saucers are real and throw money at another self-proclaimed exopolitics experts, which is why ardent ufologists just say these agencies are just covering up proof of alien civilizations and keep demanding that an official in a suit and tie gives some formal credence to their hopes and dreams.

It would be nice to know that we’re not alone in the universe sooner rather than later, but the universe does its own thing with absolutely zero consideration for our personal desires. No matter how much we hope and demand government investigations and funding, we can only find alien life when we can detect its signs and confirm the finding under stringent, scientific guidelines.

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  • Neal Ungerleider

    Well, it’s always good to know that we’ll have bureaucrats ready to meet with the Zeta Reticulan grays when they arrive. But something tells me these government agencies won’t be started anytime soon; European taxpayers’ money will just have to be wasted some other way..

  • andygeiger

    It wouldn’t suprise me to hear of that type of thing happening here in the US (i mean look how many people buy the Scientology ruse). So, it’s some small consolation to know that there are European groups that have gone bye-bye as well.

    In other words, at least America doesn’t have a complete monopoly on deranged lunacy.