cthulhu probably wouldn’t approve of this…

August 17, 2010

H.P. Lovecraft is known for his grandiose expressions and vague allusions to horrible, horrible things in dark forests and caves, playing off the traditional scary stories told by Puritans in New England to concoct bizarre, nefarious alien creatures which cared nothing for humans, regardless of whether those humans worshipped them or not. Though what he was writing was considered pulp fiction at the time, you can see real effort in his storytelling. And this is why he probably wouldn’t be too happy with what Grim and Grimy did to his best known nightmarish tale, The Call of Cthulhu, which helped flesh out the mythology of future Lovecraftian works…

Funny how a short story that was supposed to make you think about horrible things laying in wait in the ocean depths can be boiled down to about two minutes and lose most of its impact when told by a character from a spin-off of Clueless, or maybe a teenage new convert to New Age esoterica. It could be just me, but I’d rather have the Lovecraftian Chick Tract or the satirical tale of a board member asking his school to devote more time in their instruction of eldritch madness when it comes to homages to Lovecraft’s stories any day of the week. And to Grim and Grimy, shame on you for giving classic pulp horror the Valley Girl treatment.

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  • Zsuzsanna

    Personally, I thought it was hilarious!

  • Pierce R. Butler

    When He rises, He will eat them last… such a pity the rest of us won’t be around to enjoy hearing their screams.

  • Bruce Coulson

    It’s important to remember that although HPL took writing seriously, he didn’t always take WHAT he was writing that seriously; cf the ‘duel’ between him and Bloch where they killed each other in stories until HPL ended the world…

    So, he’d be bemused by all the pastiches, homages, and jokes made of his Mythos; but I doubt he’d be offended. In fact, The Master would probably opine that laughter and crude jokes were a defense mechanism of petty humanity when faced with indescribable cosmic horror.