world of weird things podcast: why ad astra is the breakup letter to space exploration

Advertised as a journey to the edge of space and our inner selves, Ad Astra is a tedious, scientifically inaccurate dive into a one-dimensional character's navel. Here's why it matters.
 ad astra space antenna
Still from Ad Astra (2019)

Science fiction movies are one of the primary ways people learn about space exploration and get inspired to help build humanity’s future. This is why a movie which treats it as a complete waste, doesn’t even pretend to be scientifically plausible, and paints those who are passionate to solve deep existential mysteries as insane and homicidally psychotic obsessives isn’t just a disservice to the genre, it’s a disservice to its viewers. And this is why we’re going to tackle its flaws, both scientific and creative.

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Why Luxury Spaceships Would Be Worth Their Price Tag
How Not To Lose Your Sanity On An Alien Planet
Whose Moon Is It Anyway?
Why We Need To Return To The Moon
How Astronauts Poop In Space (

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