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greetings, we are your leaders

A popular idea states that humans didn't evolve, but were created in a lab by the creatures who secretly rule over all of us.
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Heres an interesting idea. Humans weren’t created by some sort of divine entity to tend the Garden of Eden. They didn’t evolve either. Instead, they were assembled from raw organic materials in test-tube like jars of alien astronauts who called themselves the Anunnaki. Old, technologically savvy and in need of a new place to live after their home world began to die, they came to Earth and crafted the human race as a workforce. Where was their home? It was a planet known as Nibiru and it was the tenth (or rather ninth by todays definition) planet of our solar system.

A theory about aliens that come from our own solar system immediately makes it sound more plausible. Traveling between stars is a very difficult, lengthy and very energy intensive process. By contrast, traveling between planets is a breeze. We do it all the time. The Anunnaki just had to build a big enough spacecraft, aim it towards the Earth, give it a good initial boost and wait a few years until they arrive. Of course there are the problems of how a planet thats supposed to be located in the Kupier Belt could be home to an intelligent species and how an alien life form could survive on Earth…

The Kuiper Belt is full of spherical objects like Pluto, Sedna, Eris, Orcus, Ixion, Varuna and a few tens of thousands of others. But theyre too small to hold on to adequate atmospheres, too far out to feel the warmth of the sun (the sun is just another pinpoint of light to them) and far too cold to have any life on them. Theres a small sliver of a chance that one of these planetoids is caught in a gravitational tug of war and was kneaded until its core turned white hot and created a small ocean under kilometers of extoic ices. These conditions could allow some very hearty organisms to eke out a living but they would be too harsh to let more complex life develop. So if bacteria barely have a chance, how do the complex, almost human like Anunnaki have even the ghost of a prayer?

This is not to mention that if they evolved on a small sphere, their bodies could collapse in the same accordion style as Wiley Coyote being smashed into a cliff the instant they could feel the full brunt of our gravity. Were used to thinking of life on Earth as extremely comfortable, but for an extraterrestrial creature our world is Hell incarnate. Our gravity is either too little or too much. Our air is toxic. Oxygen is after all, a very flammable and corrosive substance. Just look what it does to metal. Our microscopic fauna is probably lethal as well. H.G. Wells was definitely not far off the mark when he wrote War of the Worlds. In fact, he seemed to understand how an alien may fare on our world far better than Erich Von Dniken or Zecharia Sitchin.

Earth would be a terrible home for the Anunnaki or any living thing that didnt evolve on a lanet with a 1G gravity and an air composed of oxygen and nitrogen. Even the most intelligent alien astronauts would have to invest so much into being able to exist on a planet so unlike theirs, it casts doubt on whether they would even choose our planet, much less spend a few thousand years here, create a new species and build countless monuments for their arcane purposes.

Ah yes, the mysterious ancient monument business. Going to other worlds and leaving a mark on them is something we would do because thats our culture. Aliens might view the very idea of planting a flag on the Moon and leaving our junk there as a blasphemous defacement. Just because aliens decided to come to Earth and set up shop here, doesnt mean theyll leave a few grand or enigmatic building projects behind. Wed just like them to so we can have both proof of intelligent life in the vastness of space and an established link to them over the millennia.

To be open-minded, I have to say that we may never know whether an intelligent alien species ever visited the ancient or even primeval Earth. One day we may encounter an extraterrestrial civilization that says: oh, youre from Earth? Well, isnt that funny, we were out that way about 45,000 years ago. But the idea of an intelligent alien species that evolved on the frozen outer edges of this solar system colonizing our world as recently as a few thousand years ago is just so unlikely and contrarian to what weve observed over the last century about planets and living things that we have a much better shot at finding the evidence for ancient astronauts via SETI than under our feet.

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