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Sure, aliens could rule us all from the shadows. Question is, why would they bother?
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So a New World Order or a One World Government manipulated by secret societies or banks just isn’t grand enough for your tastes? Well don’t despair. Just look up to the stars of the Milky Way. Somewhere out there might be the home world of the secret hand that pulls the strings of puppet governments on Earth.

Could our planet be ruled by a sinister alien intelligence hiding in the shadows? From a purely technical standpoint, sure it can. An extraterrestrial species which has the technology to cross the divide between the stars and knows how to decode our languages would probably have all the tools needed to control our world. But few things in life are purely technical. If we wanted to spend a lot of time, money and resources on controlling a planet tens if not hundreds of light years away, we’d need to have a compelling reason to do it. Same goes for an alien species.

When conspiracy theorists who adhere to an Alien World Order hypothesis try to explain why an alien would come to Earth, they tend to look to our development of nuclear weapons as we can see in the video. But unlike Jim Marrs posits, a 20 kiloton nuclear fireball is a pretty big deal in a college town or a small city, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a baby’s burp. Gamma ray bursts from newborn black holes send shockwaves through time and space. Our playing around with uranium and plutonium fission in 1945, caused a tremor 100 miles away, hardly the type of stuff that would make advanced alien races raise their brows and take notice. To get their attention, we’d need to destroy a planet or extinguish a star using an antimatter device or a fusion bomb of mind-boggling dimensions so it can show up on their telescopes (see link above).

Humans know how to do a lot of interesting things which, as I’ve remarked before, just haven’t been given the time and money to develop into real world projects. Because we really haven’t distinguished ourselves as a powerful species and because we don’t have anything special or unique on our world that couldn’t be found much closer to an alien’s home planet, why would they bother coming here and doing anything with us? What would be the point? What would be the goal? What would control over us bring them? This is something conspiracy theorists still can’t answer.

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