[ weird things ] | so swine flu is now a bio-weapons test?

so swine flu is now a bio-weapons test?

Another day, another conspiracy about a New World Order testing bioweapons on hapless sheeple...
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Illustration from Plague Inc.

In today’s segment of news the New World Order wants to suppress if not for the power of the internet, we turn back to conspiracy websites which have informed us that swine flu is actually a biological weapon which will be used to help control the populace in due time. Apparently this current virus strain was developed in a lab as a mixture of bird, swine and human influenzas because the sort of cross-species jump we’re seeing today is just not possible in nature. And the same goes for the SARS outbreak of 2002/2003.

There’s a little snag in this theory though. It just so happens that influenza can and will jump between species living in close quarters, having done this many times in human history. Just like all viruses, influenza strains mutate very quickly and very often, eventually creating the right combination of surface proteins to lock onto a new host from a different species. The flu strain thought to have caused the 1918 pandemic was theorized to have spread from birds to domesticated swine to humans though some experts think it migrated directly from birds as an avian H1N1 subtype.

So what’s more likely to have happened? A virus with a track record of jumping from species to species took on a new form and surprised us, or a sinister government lab with billions of dollars in funding manufactured a bio-weapon for some purpose known only to them and conspiracy theorists?

Here’s another curious little factoid. The previous story about a dangerous swine flu vaccine that doesn’t yet exist and the tales of SARS as a top secret weapon that escaped the lab both got their launch from the same site; the Centre for Research on Globalization, a clearinghouse for New World Order conspiracy theories. Isn’t it odd how every crisis, problem and global scare seems to be part of a nefarious plot by faceless villains?

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