the creationist swarm stays on the offensive

After several years of sustained pushback, you'd think that creationists would find a new strategy. But they're nothing if not consistent and deaf to criticism...

Just like politicians and demagogues, creationists aren’t bound by such rules as honesty or actually knowing what they’re talking about, which means that no matter how many times their claims are refuted, they’ll simply repeat them as if nothing happened. Devoted creationists are actually like the human analog of brick walls. If your throw something at them, it will simply bounce back because they really don’t care about anything which goes against their personal beliefs, and in a world where they get to live by their own rules, they never have to accept, or deal with actual facts. Like the undead hordes who hunt the living in horror movies, creationists are on a mission to swarm those who have not been converted and assail them with everything they can to either sway the skeptics, or silence them into submission. And since they believe that their rejection of science frees them from the responsibility to be truthful, outright lies and self-aggrandizing claims aren’t out of the question.

This casual relationship with the real world is how they can look those of us who understand the basics of the evolutionary theory in the eye and pretend that Ken Ham’s lucrative indulgence in spreading ignorance under the guise of a mission from God, the Answers in Genesis publications, as a valid source of scientific evidence for a six day creation as per the Bible. Here’s an example of this in a letter to the editor in Lancaster, PA

With an abundance of material ranging from children’s textbooks to the output of biology, geology and paleontology departments, creationists are well read and informed on the theory of evolution. But the reverse is sadly not true. Evolutionists simply assume there is no science to support [six day, young Earth] creation so they don’t bother to look for it.

So let me get this straight, creationists are so informed about the theory of evolution, they can’t even define it in what they call scientific papers, constantly confuse it with cosmology, loudly declare that everything they read is wrong and all the transitional fossils filling museums are just a figment of our imagination, and then desperately present any and kind of debate in biology as the death knell of the evolutionary theory? Really? That’s what they call being well read and informed? For readers who may remember Joe Johnson’s opus of creationist canards, how different were his proclamations from that of other creationists and how informed is someone who’s comments could be countered by any high school graduate who passed a science class? I’d also like to note the misdirection by the letter’s author. Note that it’s the scientists who are supposed to be the ones looking for proof of creationist claims and when they don’t find this proof, it’s just because they’re close- minded materialists. This is trademark crank logic. The only answer they’ll accept is the answer they want.

And that’s where the charlatans from Answers in Genesis come into play. You see, according to Dale Murray’s wag of the finger at those silly evolutionists, the very same people who descend into inane statements about basic physics, can’t and won’t understand the basics of popular cosmology and concoct illogical arguments to create a problem out of nowhere, harbor scientists who write about multi-billion year rock formations as soon as Ken Ham isn’t looking, publish a self-proclaimed space program engineer who’s understanding of simple astronomy can be bested by a middle school student, and declare that they consider any fact they can’t cram into the Bible to be unequivocally wrong by fiat, are a legitimate source of objective and scientific information. And they even have a peer-reviewed journal like real scientists! By which they actually mean that a few cranks on Ham’s payroll write more of the same constantly refuted inanities and after a vigorous session of back patting, publish their quote mined junk in what they call a journal. In other words, as noted before, the creationists are playing scientist in an attempt to give their proselytizing some shred of validity.

Creationists have done their scientific homework. If you hold to the secular world view of evolution, you are now, as they say, without excuse. Kindly spare the claims of “no science” before you do your homework to learn how clear, observable scientific evidence strongly supports God’s account of creation.

Have creationists done their scientific homework? Yes. And they got an F across the board. So to all the Dale Murrays writing to news editors about the supposed scientific backing for creationism, kindly do us all a favor and please spare the bullshit. After you manage to tell us that two and two really equal five, it’s pretty apparent that we’re not the ones who should’ve spent a little more time on math. And the same idea applies to calling a vanity publication devoted to obfuscating reality to advance their agenda of forceful religious indoctrination by their own admission, a mountain of scientific information supporting a literal, Biblical creation.

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