a stormy movie is on the horizon

Tim Minchin's famous beat poem about a woo-ey dinner guest is getting made into a short film.

I’ve got good news and bad news. First, the good news. If you remember the brilliant and already classic bit of skeptical beat poetry by Tim Minchin, Storm, you might have heard that it’s being turned into an animated short film. And if you missed the trailer showing a small clip from the work in progress, or just forgot how the visuals will look, here’s a little snippet just to remind you how much work is being put into Storm, the Movie…

So after months of quick, teasing blog posts, the date of the debut has finally been unveiled. That brings us to the bad news: that date is October 16th at TAM London. So if you’re not going to TAM, are not in London, and were hoping to see it before mid-fall, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. But at least we can hope that it the short film itself would be available on the web very soon after the premiere and offer us nine minutes of skepticism with stylish visuals highlighting a seemingly innocuous conversation we’ve all heard at a dinner table as we try to bite our tongues and suppress the urge to enter the verbal fray and defend scientific fact from New Age woo.

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