weird things vs. the transhumanists

Tomorrow, it's Weird Things vs. transhumanist George Dvorksy on Skeptically Speaking.
cyber dark angel

Since its first days, this blog has tackled the predictions of the Technological Singularity and hosted debates and discussions about artificial intelligence, cognition, and our future. And tomorrow, the debates culminate in what could only be described as a no-holds-barred radio brawl between transhumanist George Dvorsky and myself… By which I actually mean that George and I will participate in a discussion about cyborgs, nanobots and the potential future of AI while doing our best to answer questions regarding the ethics and the science behind what we might see, and what some of us would really hope to see, someday in the near future. Want to do a little reading on some of the show’s potential subject matter? Check out George’s blog and take a look at some of my skeptical takes about the Technological Singularity and the potential future of AI, then tune in to Skeptically Speaking tomorrow night. Come on. You know you want to. The nerd inside commands you…

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