jason lisle wants to show us those tachyons!

Young Earth astrophysicist Jason Lisle is ready to publish a paper with evidence of light traveling faster than science says it does. Well, depending on what you mean by "publish" and "evidence" that is...
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A while ago, I accidentally bumped into a very odd article about black holes from Answers in Genesis and was absolutely stunned to discover that the vast majority of it read like a freshman year primer on astrophysics you would expect to see in any legitimate scientific class. And with good reason. It was written by an astrophysicist named Jason Lisle who really did seem knowledgeable about black holes and general relativity. Well, until he turned an otherwise great column into a horrifying desecration of both science and logic in just two short sentences which were on par with the absolute inanity he displayed in his attempt to prove that atheism or non-belief in general, was against the rules of logic. So when in one of my posts I asked for proof of Lisle’s alternative cosmology which allows light to travel faster than 299,792,458 m/sec, I didn’t have high hopes that he would actually oblige the demands of skeptics like me and work on this issue. But wouldn’t you know it…

It has taken a lot of time and effort, but I have found a solution to distant starlight which allows light to reach earth virtually instantaneously. Moreover, I found both Scriptural and scientific support for this solution. This has led to the development of a new cosmological model which makes testable predictions. I have nearly finished writing a technical paper on this topic, which will shortly be sent to various experts for qualified peer-review.

By the left meatball of my dear sweet FSM! AiG is going to publish in a peer reviewed journal with steps which can let someone replicate faster than light cosmology in the lab and in computer simulations?! If we may be about to shatter pretty much all known laws of physics, I want in on this. Who knows, maybe with a little push we could actually use Lisle’s work to make interstellar travel a humdrum reality in the next century and I could see what it takes by trying to replicate some aspects of his paper on my computer and showing how a faster than light environment would affect the motion of bodies with mass. Jason, drop me a line, would you? Forget working with AI components, this is going to get me my PhD in no time! So when is this gem gracing a major scientific journal and which ones accepted it for publication? Nature? Science? Physical Review?

If it passes peer-review, we will publish the paper in the Answers Research Journal. This is our free, online journal. So be watching for it. If the paper gains the support of experts in the field, I may later write a non-technical article that summarizes the model.

Actually Jason, you know what? Forget everything I just said. You’re going to publish in the AiG’s vanity journal started to give its imbecility some guise of scientific legitimacy? The journal where Spike Psarris gets his citations? The journal that reads like it was transcribed from a science fair for middle school D students? The journal in which “peer-review” is a euphemism for checking how many references to Biblical quotes you have conducted by a pack of fundamentalist zealots whose intellectual dishonesty is absolutely breathtaking in its scope and level of utter ignorance? Jason, please return your PhD and your high school diploma. You’re very obviously not using them and I doubt the institutions that gave them to you want to be embarrassed in such a painful and underhanded way. At this point, calling you a crank would simply be an insult to all self-respecting cranks who spread their ignorance on the Huffington Post.

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