conservapedia hits rock bottom, keeps digging

The latest scholarly take on atheism from Conservapedia: "hur hur, u r fat..."
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Last time we mentioned Conservapedia, a window into the minds of the most radical of the radical right with such a paranoid view of the world that they created an encyclopedia of their fantasies and ignorance, when in a feat of inanity rare even for them, they conflated general relativity and moral relativism. So how could they possibly top themselves now? I mean when you’re spotting liberal bias in the complex calculus of theoretical astrophysics, there’s not much room to descend even lower. But as he usually does, Andy Schlafly found yet another way to come off as asinine as he can, attacking PZ Myers’ weight and declaring atheists obese. It really boggles the mind how petty wingnuts are getting when their arguments about the nature of the universe start boiling down to “oh yeah? well you’re a fat ass!” instead of an actual coherent train of thought. Of course, since we’re talking about Schlafly and his followers, I’ll even take a semi-coherent train of thought as a plus.

Remember when I brought up the notion of intellectual inbreeding, or the repetition of ideas in partisan echo chambers until they descend into inanity? Yeah, that’s where it leads. You start out debating metaphysics and law, and end up calling people fat just because you really hate them and run out of other ridiculous or hateful things to throw in their direction. But wait, you might say, you’re calling them all sorts of colorful synonyms for stupid. What room do you have to talk? Well, for one, I’m self-aware enough to imagine how I would sound to someone who disagrees with me and include this imaginary conversation into my post to address a critique from such a person. And secondly, when they call atheists mass murderers and amoral evildoers, they do it out of hatred and ignorance. When I call them idiots, I’m merely stating a theory I can back up with evidence, especially when you consider the people who run Conservapedia and their track record.

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