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on your mark, get ready, get set… reboot!

Weird Things returns from its extended break to bring you more strange science and tech.
drifting astronaut

Admit it, you missed Weird Things. Now whether you missed me is debatable, I’m sure, but somebody has to write all the posts around here so I’m back. With much of the insanity in my schedule winding down and grad school coming to a very relaxed end over the next few weeks, it’s time to open this blog back up and keep on tackling bad science and highlighting usual and interesting research projects in biology, both of the terrestrial and astro varieties, artificial intelligence, weird physics, and whatever else manages to grab my attention. As we wind back up, expect the steady mix of skepticism and science to which you’ve once become accustomed along with an uptick in posts on computing and AI, including a couple of possible crowdsourcing experiments in swarm control and robotic artificial neural networks. But more on that later, after a few kinks get worked out and some more code gets debugged. Meanwhile, get ready to tune back in as Weird Things reboots…

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