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the bizarre mindset of conspiracy theorists

Apparently, conspiracy theorists picture life in the Illuminati as being a member of a racist BDSM dungeon...
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It certainly takes a certain kind of psyche to wholeheartedly ascribe to conspiracy theories the was many loyal listeners of Coast to Coast AM do. Their world is very much unlike ours. They’re on the lookout for government agents spreading disinformation and undermining their movement in the form of skeptical blogs or just a few friends with a skeptical take on their favored theories. They constantly imagine how the sinister masterminds behind the New World Order will execute their evil plans and detail a wide range of bloodthirsty, cruel, or just downright perverse ideas for what one should expect to uncover the Illuminati doing behind our backs. For an example of one such idea, here’s an attempted prediction from a Coast to Coast AM listener

Within the Illuminati, there will “be a wild sex slavery factory where blond-haired teenage girls are enslaved to make Illuminati babies since they’re trying to create the perfect race. There will be sex slavery. This will be revealed this year when someone is “caught red-handed with these girls.”

Wow, amazing. Perky co-eds locked up as sex slaves for deviant racial supremacists of unknown origins in a modern incarnation of Project Lebensborn and that’s how the powerfil elites in on the Illuminati conspiracies spend their evenings, taking pleasure with the elites’ sex slaves? Really? Is it just me or does it sound like a premise for an S&M-themed porn flick in very poor taste rather than something one could imagine the world’s top businesspeople and most powerful diplomats doing with their free time? Who thinks of things like this as plausible answers to all the frustrating or strange events around the world? And what kind of mind would it take to concoct such scenarios, scour the web for traces of nefarious Illuminati symbolism, preach the gospel of the imminent global takeover which will end in misery, war, and enslavement for all, and should you start to question this gospel, rush to call you the enemy in disguise with an unholy zeal.

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