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conspiracy theorists’ dark view of medicine

Anti-vaxers and alt med quacks are trying to convince anyone who'll listen that modern medicine is a sinister conspiracy to cull humanity.
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It seems the power players working for the New World Order are at it again. Apparently, when not indulging in sex slaves trapped in the dungeons of their secret mansions, they’ve been plotting our demise through the use of vaccines and getting Bill Gates to invest the billions he dedicated to charity to vaccinating children in a number of developing countries. How does vaccination contribute to our demise? As we were warned by one of the world’s most popular conspiracy theorists, turned into a political scientist by the Kremlin, the Reptoid menace behind the Illuminati made vaccines to cull the human population by disrupting the body’s natural balances with toxic synthetic chemicals.

Since they’ve been really slacking in the secrecy department lately, posting their global domineering agendas online for all to read, they’ve neglected to tell Gates not to breathe a word about the whole lowering human population thing and he did let it fly that the number of humans might fall by as much as 15% if healthcare and vaccination programs in developing nations are deployed effectively and fully funded. Can’t you just feel the chills running down your spine, especially if you know that the world’s poorest inhabitants are being delivered a slew of vaccines, antibiotics, and mobile clinics at this minute?

While many demographers used to fret about our population exploding to more than 10 billion by 2050 or so, they’re now more worried about a rapidly declining population, especially in wealthy nations since the youth in these countries is usually below what’s known as replacement levels. In no small part, the soaring gains in our numbers on Earth have been due to drastically increased life spans with the advent of modern medicine, vaccinations, geriatric care, and modern, post-industrial cultural and economic shifts.

We no longer need big families to be self-contained labor forces on sprawling farms because very few of us still work on farms, and thanks to much better medical care and antibiotics, lethal diseases and injuries of the past are now treatable with as little as a round of medication. Developing nations still have economies in which many families either have to rely on farming to survive, or do daily odd jobs in which more family members working means bigger incomes and more food for the day. Couple that with the lack of affordable modern medicine and you have an eerily similar situation to developing nations as little as 150 years ago. As these nations get up to speed with modern industry and medical care, they’re also very likely to find that their families will have to change.

Essentially, the longer we live in the modern world, the later and the fewer children we’ll tend to have because they’re more expensive to clothe, feed, and educate, and because we’ll have to spend a lot more time getting up to financial and cultural speed to have them. As a good deal of research suggests, women empowered to use birth control and break long outdated traditions will tend to delay childbirth to better establish themselves and peruse other goals. Of course this doesn’t mean that they don’t like being mothers, but many do not want motherhood to be the only thing they’ll ever get to do in life. When they have fewer children later in life, they can provide them with more resources and a good vaccination schedule coupled with readily available treatments for everything from diarrhea to malaria, means that more children will survive to live longer, happier lives. And in this case, the falling population rate is actually a good thing because it comes by natural attrition instead of being the result of a horrific plague.

Fewer people may be living in the next 30 to 50 years, but they’ll live far, far longer and healthier lives than they would’ve had at any point in history. But don’t tell that to the conspiracy theorists desperate to see the evil of the Illuminati in everything on the news. According to them, less humans means that the New World Order’s pharmaceutical arm is committing genocide, especially for those sure that vaccines are nothing but pure evil despite not even knowing what vaccines do or how they do it.

Truly the sun never shines in the conspiracy theorist’s world because good news are for sheeple who simply don’t understand the nature of the nefarious forces watching over their every move. Real thinkers, apparently, are those who resign themselves to a mental prison of fear and paranoia in which they battle an omnipotent, immoral enemy who can make them disappear in the middle of the night should he choose to, an enemy very much of their own creation and embodied in every schemer, greedy executive, immoral diplomat, or bumbling troublemaker who doesn’t know what he or she is doing, getting news coverage.

Like religious zealots trying desperately to find some divine hidden code in their holy books or rabid political partisans trying to find any bit of dirt on an opposing candidate scouring through public documents in search of scandals or donations from questionable sources, conspiracy theorists try to build elaborate spider webs encompassing everything that’s ever happened and convince themselves that someone, something, or a group of someones or somethings sits at the very nexus of all these events exerting ultimate control. In their power is the ability to set the price for your coffee and determine which countries will go to war with each other and which ones become involved as they wars drag on. And to them, only this kind of world makes any sense whatsoever…

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