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world of weird things podcast: ancient aliens

We tackle a classic theory that turned The History Channel into the alien conspiracy network and consider what extraterrestrial life might actually be like.
flying pyramids

This week’s episode is all about aliens, ancient, current, and future, but mostly the first kind. We talk about the ancient astronaut theory and its history, the science behind the odds that aliens might visit us, talk about otherworldly genetic chemistry, and last, but definitely not least, explore the possible connection between ancient alien lore and the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Can we do it in under 36 minutes? Listen and find out, even though the answer is right in the timestamps…

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

Aliens Vs. God, The Rematch
Looking For The Aliens Among Us
Nat Geo Gets Gun-shy On Ancient Astronauts
Why You’re Most Probably Not Part Alien
The Shadow Over Lovecraft And His Alien Creations
How One Planet Shows An Indirect Glimpse Of Our Future And The Fermi Paradox
Greetings, We Are Your Leaders
Extraterrestrials Vs. God
A Key, Evolving Molecule By Any Other Name…
Why Life Has A Bias To The Left

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