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world of weird things podcast: cyber weapons

Killer drones and hackable weapons and easy targets for spies, oh my...
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This episode of the World of Weird Things Podcast is all about drone warfare, cyber weapons and the threat they pose, the future of armed conflicts, and what you, yes you at home, can do to help secure your country’s digital infrastructure from foreign adversaries wielding weaponized math. While you probably shouldn’t panic about being sent back to the stone age with a tactically deployed virus, you definitely want to worry enough to make some very serious changes in your life and your political choices, and we’ll explain why and how.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

They Came, They Saw, They Hacked: Why The Pentagon Isn’t Ready For Cyberwarfare
Is Time Running Out For Today’s Fighter Jets?
Trump Is Opening A Cyber Pandora’s Box
How To Stop Russia From Hacking America’s Power Grid
Did Cyber-warfare Finally Invade The Real World?

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