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We’re about to learn some new and exciting things about Mars, and we preview what some of them might be.
mars insight

On today’s episode, we talk to Dr. Ian O’Neill about the Mars InSight mission and what we’ve learned so far from scouring Mars with our latest generation of robots. We also talk about the basics of planetary science, how we know what’s inside different types of planets, and the future of exploring our solar system. And, of course, we also touch on the search for life in our own cosmic backyard. Can you even do an episode about space without mentioning some hypothetical little green microbes?

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

Surviving Seven Minutes Of Martian Terror
Why We’re Not Ready For Mars Just Yet
When It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts
Why A Briny Mars Is Exciting, But Isn’t Necessarily Good News
Cold? What Cold? It’s The Uv Rays That’ll Kill You
Why You Can’t Nuke Your Way To A Second Earth
Do We Really Want To Terraform Mars?
Why Water Could Kill Life On Mars

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