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world of weird things podcast: the recipe for conspiracy theories

Nearly 6 in 10 otherwise perfectly normal Americans believe in some sort of conspiracy theory. We look at both current events and science to figure out why.
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Freelance journalist and Rantt Media contributor Kaz Weida joins the Fishes — well, the Fish who’s recovered from the plague enough to host a podcast episode — to talk about what makes so many people believe conspiracy theories and the science behind why they’re so attractive, especially when times get tough. From QAnon to the followers of Louise Mensch, to the psychology of MLMs, crank magnetism, and the business of conspiracy theories, and the critical flaw in our education system that allows conspiracies to thrive, we cover a lot of somewhat unnerving ground in just over half an hour as we dive into a world where hope and belief take some dark turns.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

QAnon And On And On (The Shift With Drex)
The Angry Conspiracy Vote, A Primer
Pizzagate And Our Brand New Social Media Conspiracy Factories
Spotting The Illuminati On Saturn’s North Pole
Why Multi Level Marketing Companies Are So Effectively Evil
Weird Things Talks To Astronomer Ragbir Bhathal
Mike Adams Unveils The Cold Fusion Cover-up
How The GOP Became The Party Of Conspiracy Theorists
How The Republican Party Delegitimized Government
How The Founding Fathers Accidentally Created A Recipe For Minority Rule

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