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world of weird things podcast: why robots are coming for your job and education is the only way to stop them

Futurists have long predicted a time when tens of millions of jobs are done by machines, out of sight and out of mind. Now, this moment is here and we’re far from ready...
robots ready for work

Robots and computers are now involved in virtually every facet of the global economy, and they might well be coming for your job next because, after all, you’re only human. Machines don’t need sleep, food, or pay, and they don’t forget things or get overwhelmed unlike us meatbags. Your only tool to cope with the coming changes? Education. The only thing standing in your way? Lawmakers who can’t be bothered to understand how the world has changed and allow us to adapt accordingly. If these warnings sound grim, well, so is protracted unemployment in Western nations which believe that the beatings should continue until morale improves.

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