[ weird things ] | world of weird things podcast: is technology ruining millennials’ sex lives?

world of weird things podcast: is technology ruining millennials’ sex lives?

Millennials are suffering from what’s been called “the sex recession,” and a number of researchers and pundits have been blaming technology. They might not be completely off base for a change...
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Millennials, according to pundits everywhere, were supposed to be the generation that took sex, drugs, and rock and roll to apocalyptic, society-shattering extremes. Instead, they’ve grown up and became the tamest generation in more than a century. And far from constant drug-fueled orgies, they’re actually suffering from what some researchers have called a “sex deficit.” Why? Nobody seems to know for sure, but some of the most popular explanations tend to focus on the impact of new technology, and no, we’re not talking about smartphones. We’re talking, once again, about the kind of technology that changed the world.

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