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world of weird things podcast: the realistic hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

In sci-fi movies, explorers arrive on alien worlds in the blink of an eye using warp drives, or cheat time with cryogenic sleep chambers. But how would interstellar travel actually work in the real world?
utopian space departure
Illustration by Nate Hallinan

Imagine for a moment if you couldn’t go much faster than 10% of the speed of light and that taking a really, really long nap in a cryogenic tank was out of the question. How do you explore what lies outside our solar system? And even more importantly, what would you do once you get to your destination, with help decades, if not centuries away, and two way communication more or less irrelevant to your continued existence? We could still travel to other stars. But we’d have to radically adjust our expectations of how those missions would go.

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