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world of weird things podcast: how absolute power corrupts absolutely

As we’ve been told for decades, the wealthy and powerful are not like the rest of us. Not only do they enjoy things we can only dream of, their very mental wiring is altered.
choking on greed

Contrary to what you may have been told by creationists, humans evolved to cooperate as a species, to help each other survive and build stable communities. We don’t expect things to be equal, but we do want fairness, much like our evolutionary cousins. So what happens when we begin acquiring massive wealth and power? Well, according to science, the empathy that serves as our social glue blunts, as the concentration of wealth and power increases, the beneficiaries of this inequality chasm lose their ability to relate to mere mortals, and the only way to snap them out of it is to remind them that they’re human, just like the rest of us.

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Update: Since this recording, it’s been reported that the rabidly pro-Trump brother of Bezos’ mistress leaked the texts and provocative pictures to the National Enquirer, despite earlier claims that it may have been Saudi intelligence services.

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