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world of weird things podcast: the cult who told me they loved me

Cults are all the rage right now, if streaming documentaries about their history and fate are anything to go by. Who joins cults and why? And what kind of cults can we expect to take off in the near future?
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Cults and the people who join them have been a constant fascination of many filmmakers and Netflix’s Wild Wild Country really brought talking about them back in style. We thought most of them were relegated to small, oddball communes after the Human Potential Movement petered out, and, of course, the Church of Scientology. But cults never really went away or declined in popularity. They keep recruiting new members, and new cults are steadily cropping up. But how are cults still popular in a connected, sarcastic world where their dirty secrets are only a social media deep dive away? And what strange new iterations of these groups might we see sooner rather than later?

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