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world of weird things podcast: the sinister conspiracy to make the world healthier

You might think that a cleaner world with renewable energy and smart urban planning would make our lives better. But that’s exactly what those evil Illuminati want you to think...
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The Western far right appears convinced that taking better care of our planet, ourselves, and making our cities greener and more walkable, are actually just sinister plots to enslave them. Why? There’s an entire industry of conspiracy theorists making millions of convincing mostly older, whiter, more rural, conservatives that the government, their neighbors, and even their kids, are out to get them. We may have found ourselves looking down the barrel of an environmental crisis unintentionally, but the efforts to stop us from doing anything about it are both willful and coordinated.

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When Your Conspiracy Has Too Many Villains
Is The New World Order Coming For The Suburbs?
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The Return Of The Earth Hour Conspiracy
Are We Ready To Grow Our Food In Labs Instead Of On Farms?
Why The Earth Won’t Remember Us Fondly

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