world of weird things podcast: how the worst parts of the internet leaked into the real world

Social media and computers didn’t create a world filled with fake news and confirmation bias. We did. But the technology definitely helped...
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Fake news seems to be the term of everyone’s lips today, even if its meaning seems to change from person to person. While what we consider fake news might vary, we know that bots and trolls on social media are fanning propaganda and disinformation for profit and political gain, a potent reminder that yes, anyone can have a site and publish pretty much whatever they want. But how do conspiracy theories and hoaxes that used to be fringe views constantly ending up on the news and in your timelines? The answer is complicated and a little disturbing…

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

How We Turned Social Media Into Poison
Why Recommendation Algorithms Are A Necessary Evil
How Flat UI Helped Fake News Thrive In The Age Of Social Media
How Facebook’s Main Algorithm Fans Bigotry And Violence
At The Mountains Of Political Madness
The Science Of Confirmation Bias

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