world of weird things podcast: why we can’t blockchain all the things

If you listen to chatter on the web, we’ve finally found a panacea for all our ills. Well, as long as you ignore the lack of evidence that it actually solves any real problems...

Tech evangelists have found the solution to everything from our economic woes to a cure for cancer, from an airtight defense from fake news and internet hoaxes to a way to prevent an evil AI from deciding to kill all humans. That solution? The blockchain. But just as Sawbones taught us, cure-alls cure nothing, a technology meant to fix everything is highly unlikely to succeed and the blockchain is no exception. It was invented to disrupt the global financial system, but despite its inability to succeed in this space, its fans are trying to find a problem it can actually tackle. And that prompts the question of what exactly is the blockchain and what can it really do?

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

The Oddly Familiar World Of Bitcoin Economics
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For Cryptocurrencies, The Only Way To Wide Acceptance Could Be Regulation
How Cryptocurrencies Are Trying To Perform An Act Of Economic Necromancy
Why Bitcoin Is Not Doomed, But Not It’s Not The Next Global Currency Either
When Two Bad Ideas Meet: A Singularitarian Blockchain To Stop Evil Artificial Intelligence

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