[ weird things ] | world of weird things podcast: how exploring the solar system will un-domesticate us

world of weird things podcast: how exploring the solar system will un-domesticate us

Humanity seems to be in a rut. Left bored, aimless, and engaging in self-destructive behaviors, we’re looking for the next big thing. And the best place to find it might be off this planet.
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Earth can be our home for many millions of years to come, but at some point, we will absolutely venture away from it and start surfing the solar winds, or powering up our ion drives, to navigate the many worlds our solar system has to offer. We’ll swing around gas giants and play on their moons. We’ll build cities on the Moon and Mars. We’ll mine asteroids for all the water ice, ore, and precious metals we’ll ever need. It’s not just a fantasy. In fact, the required technology is just around the corner. We just need to make the first steps, right after we explain why we’d ever want to leave a planet on which we evolved, especially when not everyone could join us on this adventure.

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