[ weird things ] | world of weird things podcast: the white truffle walkers of the aporkalypse

world of weird things podcast: the white truffle walkers of the aporkalypse

Dive into the shocking experiment that came eerily close to reanimating zombie pig brains and consider the exciting and terrifying consequences of the discovery it made.
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Thanks to an experiment to better understand brain structure and function, and how well brains of the deceased could help us test potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, we’ve accidentally entered a brave new world in which reanimated minds hooked up to machines and computers aren’t nearly as impossible as we might like. What does that mean for the future of neurology and medical treatments? Are some of the studies we want to do even ethical? Do we really need to worry about science going too far, and is there really such a thing, especially if we have a chance to save lives and understand ourselves better than ever before?

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Why We Can’t Bring You Back From The Dead With A Computer
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Synchronized Chaos: Why Your Brain Isn’t Anything Like A Computer
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Will There Be A Dawn Of Cyborg Astronauts?
How To Speak Your Mind, Literally.

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