world of weird things podcast: down the conspiracy rabbit hole with travis view

What happens when conspiracy theories take over your life? We dive into the dark underbelly of QAnon to learn just how far the conspiracy rabbit hole can really go.
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QAnon expert and observer Travis View joins the Fishes to talk about the psychology of conspiracy theories and how their most ardent followers can reject our shared reality and manufacture their own. What happens when people retreat from the real world and lash out at those who won’t join them in their messy divorce with facts? And how can we get them back from the black hole of reading imaginary tea leaves?

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

QAnon: The Absurd Conspiracy Theory Infecting Trump’s Base
Why Do So Many People Still Believe In QAnon?
QAnon And On And On
The Recipe For Conspiracy Theories
The Cult Who Told Me They Loved Me
The Sinister Conspiracy To Make The World Healthier

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