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world of weird things podcast: how science knows if you’re an awful human

Being a bad person isn’t just a matter of popular opinion. It turns out that science can quantify if and when someone is being terrible.
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You’d think that in societies where we prize sharing, caring, and getting along as much as we can, angry jerks who throw temper tantrums when things don’t go exactly their way would be swiftly ostracized and face serious consequences for repeated offenses, not run entire countries with legions of supporters, and create destabilizing movements based around angry conspiracy theories and lies. So, how are they so successful? And how do you know if you may be one of these people? Believe it or not, psychology offers a great deal of insight into both questions, as well as how to shut down out of control sociopaths.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

The Psychology Of How Terrible People Get Their Way And How To Stop Them
Babies Keep Showing Us That We’re Born With Empathy
Are We Born With A Sense Of Right And Wrong?

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