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world of weird things podcast: fighting the covid bulge with science

The COVID 20 is the new Freshman 15, and snake oil salespeople are out in full force to cash in as people try to shed some weight and get active again.
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Here at the Fish household, we know the pain of fighting the COVID bulge after two years of trying to stay healthy in a global pandemic and stress levels shooting through the roof in jobs seen as essential or critical. So, as we’re trying to get healthy again, we’re looking at all the snake oil and bad advice the weight loss industry and various social media pyramid schemes unleashed in their attempts to cash in on people trying to get healthy and moving as we head into 2022 to separate the scams, myths, and stereotypes from real scientific advice.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

When Legal Loopholes Run Wild…
How Your Guts Could Define Your Personality, Literally
Why So Much Fitness And Diet Advice Is Wrong
Trickle Down Pseudoscience: Why MLMs Jumped Into The Supplement Game
Adding A Little Science To Supplements

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