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world of weird things podcast: turning tbt into tuberculosis thursdays

We're on the verge of driving many childhood illnesses into extinction but a group of obsessed conspiracy theorists is trying to stop us, with thousands of kids as collateral damage.
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Instead of Typhoid Mary, we have Typhoid Ayden, Brayden, Jayden, and Kayden as upper middle class suburbanites are refusing to vaccinate their children. And as if that’s not enough, their prodigious use of social media and inordinate amount of time in comment sections and writing for mommy blogs managed to convince 1 in 10 Americans that humanity’s safest and most successful public health program which drove the scourges of the past into extinction or very close to it, is a Big Pharma conspiracy to get kids sick because reasons. It’s a triumph of ignorance, arrogance, bad faith, and quackery in action, and we need to take it as the health hazard it is.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

Statistics, Vaccines, And Viral Evolution
Do We Know What Actually Causes Autism?
Conspiracy Theorists’ Dark View Of Medicine
Chemicals, The Anti-Vaccinationist Menace
The GMC’s Pyrrhic Victory Over Wakefield
If It’s Catchy, Why Bother With The Science?
Anti-Vaxers: To Insanity And Halfway Back Again
Computers Confirm, Mommy Blogs Are A Hazard To Your Health
When Doctors Catch A Really Dangerous Case Of Chemophobia
When Confronted With Measles, Anti-Vaxxers And Their Kids Get Vaccinated

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