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world of weird things podcast: christmas in a mad scientist’s lab

On a very special extended episode, we talk about the science of transhumanism, cyberpunk, extreme life extension, and our potential future merger with machines.
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With this horrible year coming to an end, we’re thinking about the future, the far future that is. That’s why this week, we’re doing a deep dive into the continued popularity of cyberpunk and mind uploading tropes, the science of merging humans and machines, the devices that show us what bizarre things are actually scientifically possible, and the surprising revelation that if you’re planning to get a robotic body in your old age, finding a way to preserve your stomach may be a lot more important than keeping your heart and lungs. Why? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to tune in.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

What Plague Doctors Can Teach Us About Doing Science
Ray Kurzweil’s Exponential Mythology
Why Skeptical Groups Died And Why We Need To Bring Them Back
The Singularity’s Mysterious Allure
The Singularity Institute vs. Weird Things
Why Tech Billionaires Can’t “Disruptively” Vote Their Way To Digital Immortality
A Peek At The Shape Of Organs To Come
How Your Guts Could Define Your Personality, Literally
Behold The (Terrifyingly Badly Designed) Cyborg Of The 1960s
Will There Be A Dawn Of Cyborg Astronauts?
If You Can’t Beat Artificial Intelligence, Maybe You Can Join It
The White Truffle Walkers Of The Aporkalypse
What Pig Brains Kept Alive In A Machine Are Teaching Us About Cheating Death
Wiring Your Brain The Painless And Easy Way
Teaching Robots To Walk, The Evolutionary Way

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