world of weird things podcast: why space travel makes you care about the earth

Critics of space exploration say we need to fix Earth before aiming for the stars, but science shows that space travel makes you care much more about the planet’s future.
landing colonists

Want more people to become environmentalists who care about Earth’s future, sustainability, clean air and water, and advocate for green energy? Forget luring them on luxury eco tours and shuttling them between pristine tropical alcoves and toxic landfills. Take them to space instead to trigger a curious phenomenon that will give them an unparalleled perspective on the fragility and uniqueness of our world, a perspective we usually see in astronauts. What is this effect and how long does it last? We dive into the details on this week’s episode.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

how exploring the solar system will un-domesticate us
why space travel makes you more of an environmentalist
why we need to return to the moon and do the other things
asteroid mining will lose a lot of money. we should do it anyway.
the shift with shane hewitt: asteroid mining

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