[ weird things ] | world of weird things podcast: why influencers are suddenly selling crypto

world of weird things podcast: why influencers are suddenly selling crypto

Is your favorite influencer suddenly interested in cryptocurrency and really wants you to buy some? Don’t do it. It’s almost certainly a scam.
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The hottest new scam on social media is selling new crypto coins with strange, funny, or really and blatantly misleading names through influencers who suddenly discovered a burning passion for obscure and arcane financial instruments with no clear monetary value. That’s right, they’re shooting for the moon and they’re taking you along for the ride because your support means so much to them. Except for the small problem that the coins they’re so fond of are pretty obvious scams, the influencers don’t actually own any and are paid to advertise them, and you’re going to lose all your money within days, if not hours, if you actually buy them. Welcome to the brave new world of still somehow sort of legal pump and dump scams and crypto for the masses.

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