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world of weird things podcast: web3.no

With the crypto market having cooled off after a very long series of high-profile busts, crashed, and rug pulls, we take another look at the next big thing that never was: Web3.
bitcoin monument in desert

Crypto winter is now upon us, and people have lost thousands of dollars, if not their life savings on nebulous solutions in search of a problem. But why was there so much enthusiasm for NFTs, crypto scams, and visions of a new micropayment-based internet that were sold with nothing but brash tech bros vomiting high speed technobabble? Is there something to crypto after all? Or is the entire crypto market fueled by nothing but con men and their desperate marks?

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

why crypto enthusiasts are #notallbros
web3 promises to make the internet better. it will do the exact opposite.
how crypto may be about to change for the (slightly) better

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