world of weird things podcast: how did we end up with coronavirus?!

As the world is locked down in mass quarantine, we ask how we ended up with a pandemic and why are so many people so eager to blame everything but nature for it.
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It’s only the start of May and already the world is done with 2020 and its pajama apocalypse. So how did we get here? What makes COVID-19 so insidious? Why are so many people apparently so angry about trying to stave off a novel opportunistic disease? Do we have anything that can actually treat COVID-19? Why is social media drowning in absurd conspiracy theories about Bill Gates, 5G, the WHO, and China? And, of course, how do we keep this disaster from repeating itself a decade down the road? We dive into all that and more this episode of the WoWT Podcast.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

Conspiracy Theorists’ Dark View Of Medicine
Statistics, Vaccines, And Viral Evolution
So Swine Flu Is Now A Bio-Weapons Test?
Why Politicizing Coronavirus Will Only Make You Sick Or Kill You
The Coronavirus Paradox: Too Much News, Too Little Useful Data

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