[ weird things ] | world of weird things podcast: probing the mysteries of space with the fishes

world of weird things podcast: probing the mysteries of space with the fishes

Impress your friends and family with some surprising facts about space and the weird stuff floating in it to start 2022.
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Space, the final frontier, a place of endless possibility, wonder, and opportunity. And a whole lot of weird stuff that challenges your ideas of what you think you knew about the universe you inhabit. So, to start off the year, we’re taking you on a quick tour through the solar system and beyond to talk about some odd observations and theories you might not have heard before, from Saturn’s disappearing — yes, disappearing — rings, to a really good and slightly disturbing reason we haven’t heard from any intelligent aliens yet. Along the way, we’ll also debate what makes a planet a planet, and send some shout outs to some relevant TV shows and fun videos.

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Articles covered or touched on in this episode…

Why Saturn’s Majestic Rings Won’t Be Around For Much Longer
Hey, What’s A World Like You Doing In A Solar System Like This?
When Nature Isn’t Neat And Tidy
Ode To The Mysterious Not-Quite-Planet
What Is A Planet Anyway? Astronomers Campaign To Avenge Pluto
The Planet Modern Space Exploration Forgot
Did We Really Discover The Day That Venus Turned To Hell?
How To Terraform Venus (Kurzgesagt)
It’s Not The Warming That Kills You, It’s How Fast The Planet Warms
World Of Weird Things Podcast: Keep Quiet Or The Aliens Will Kill You?
World Of Weird Things Podcast: The Fermi Paradox, Or, Are We Being Ghosted By Aliens?

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